Assemblies, recitals, concerts, and STEM fairs showcase student skill in music, science, and public speaking.



In addition to what they learn in Bible class, students receive spiritual nourishment in chapel. Coming together to sing, hear Bible-based teaching and preaching, and listen to special music, gives students a chance to focus on developing a personal walk with God.

Elementary Assembly


Opportunities to perform speech, music, and dramatic pieces in front of parents and peers are made possible through assemblies.

For elementary assemblies, children enjoy singing fun songs together as a student body; individual students are recognized for noteworthy achievements accomplished since the previous assembly.

During regular high school assemblies, music groups present a mixture of patriotic, sacred, and entertaining songs. Those students with special academic, athletic, and musical achievements receive recognition during these events. Additionally, students have the opportunity to advance their public speaking skills as they perform speech and drama selections.

Recitals & Concerts

At the end of the year, students taking private lessons produce a recital for family and friends. They’ve worked closely with their instructor to choose and perfect challenging yet fun pieces that highlight personal progress. The recital, a semi-formal occasion, allows music students to build confidence, receive appropriate recognition, and encourage one another. At the end of the recital, awards are given for achievement and faithful participation.

During the Christmas and spring awards concerts, elementary and high school performing groups showcase their achievements. The Christmas concert strengthens students’ abilities to perform together as a group and celebrates the holiday, and the spring awards concert allows these performing groups to present selections highlighting their skills. Awards are presented to individual students who have excelled and played a key role within their group.

These concerts are free and open to the public.


Students discover a love for science as they experience the thrill of creating their own hands-on STEM project.

Each year, students in grades 9–11 immerse themselves in the world of science as they compete in the PCA STEM Fair. Students select a category ranging from microbiology to engineering, and then a specific topic within their chosen category. Carefully following the scientific method they’ve learned in class, students develop a hypothesis, design an experiment, analyze and interpret their data, and effectively present their findings.

Projects are displayed in the school gymnasium for the public to view. Local STEM professionals then judge the displays, presenting awards for the best projects in each category. Individuals from each class are recognized for demonstrating a solid grasp of scientific concepts and exceptional experimental design. Top winners earn a special school-day trip to a unique scientific venue.

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