Laying the foundation of knowing and doing.

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1st–6th grade

As skills increase so does the subject matter—but learning is just as exciting through the elementary grades.

Building upon the foundation laid in kindergarten, students develop even more confidence as readers, and dive deeper into the world of grammar, composition, science, and mathematics. Each student learns under dedicated teachers that share God’s Word and a desire to do right; and at this age, children get to explore their interests by participating in a variety of extracurricular activities during the school day.

Solid Skills and Knowledge
Elementary is the time when students begin to build their knowledge of the world around them. They prepare for success in the upper grades by forming skills in arithmetic and language arts and strengthening their understanding of history and geography, science, health, and the Bible.

Spiral Learning
Through the Spiral Learning Method, teachers build on the concepts students already know by incorporating review and application. Concepts are reinforced from subject to subject and from year to year.

Critical Thinking Skills
Students develop strong foundational knowledge to think critically. By applying what they’ve learned to real-life questions they also build creativity and analytic skills. While completing projects, writing reports, and giving presentations, students discover that learning is more than answering questions on a test.

Personal Development
Whether playing sports or performing onstage, students apply their God-given talents. They’re motivated to grow, develop interpersonal relationships, and exercise integrity. Through activities such as art, athletics, and music, they develop creativity, teamwork, and character.

You’ll be amazed how much your
child develops through the elementary grades.

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