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Pensacola Christian Academy has provided an unparalleled, top-quality, Bible-based education to thousands of students since 1954.

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Home of Abeka

As the home of Abeka, the world’s leading Christian textbook publisher, PCA has a reputation for academic excellence. Learning from Abeka’s traditional, time-tested curriculum, each student reaps the benefits of decades of research and development: effectively training the minds and hearts of the next generation.

Biblical Foundation
Biblical Foundation

Teachers share the truth of God’s Word not only through stories, songs, and verses in each morning’s Bible class, but also through every class taught from a biblical perspective.

With character-building content that reinforces Christian values and ethics, we place emphasis on developing the person that each student is growing to be.

Challenging Curriculum
Challenging Curriculum

High academic standards and captivating lessons enable each student to reach his highest potential: with the average student achieving above-average results.

Teachers are willing to provide individual attention for students needing extra help and ensure each understands the subject matter. They’re also prepared to help take students’ strengths to the next level with additional challenges.

Qualified Teachers
Qualified Teachers

PCA’s teachers are highly trained: every faculty member from K5 to 12th grade has at least a bachelor’s degree and is certified by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. They know how to give your child an exceptional education in an engaging classroom environment.

When you drop your child off each morning, you can be confident that the teacher is filling every possible opportunity with learning, fun, and compassionate care.

PCA mobile app
Teamwork with Parents

With PCA’s parent portal app, you can monitor your child’s grades as well as attendance, announcements, and upcoming projects.

Any time you have a question or just want to hear an update about your child, the teacher will be delighted to set up a time to meet with you and make sure your child is getting the help and attention he needs.

At parent-teacher meetings, held several times throughout the year, you’ll see what your child has been learning and find out what’s coming up next.

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Pencil and Ruler

With Abeka’s strong phonics-based curriculum, preschoolers begin reading and writing in K4. By the end of K5, each student is able to read.

grades 1–6

Knowledge builds from subject to subject as students delve deeper into the world of grammar, composition, science, and mathematics.

Science Beakers
grades 7–12

Personal strengths expand through higher level courses and involvement in athletics, music, speech and drama—and more.