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Attend K4 & K5, Get First Grade Tuition-FREE!

Children who are enrolled in four-year-old kindergarten at PCA beginning August and attend two full consecutive years (K4 and K5) may attend first grade tuition-free. Contact us for details. Registration fee, books, and supplies are not included in this offer.

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The first years of school are such a special and important time in a child’s life. Give your child an amazing head start on the future through PCA’s wonderful kindergarten experience.

From drop-off to pickup, your child’s day is packed with fun in learning areas specifically designed for four- and five-year-olds. You’ll be amazed to see how much your child will learn at such a young age.

Kindergarteners have so much fun while learning the basics—reading, writing, numbers, and more—in colorful, captivating ways! Under the care of loving teachers, these little ones are laying the steppingstones for a solid foundation which propels each one to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

You can know that you made the right choice for your child’s future when you witness their confidence and knowledge blossom.

Traditional Phonics
Reading is the foundation of all learning, and PCA is known for producing phenomenal readers! Using traditional intensive phonics, children move from identifying letter sounds to reading words, sentences, and whole books. Students learn to read starting in K4, and each student is able to read by the end of K5.

Writing in Cursive
Students learn to form beautiful letters with smooth connections, improving their fine motor skills and their understanding of how letters work together.

Cross-Subject Integration
What students learn in one subject is seamlessly reinforced in other subjects, helping students remember what they have learned and see its relevance.

Kindergartners learn counting and writing numbers 1–100, addition, subtraction, problem solving, time, measure, and even the building blocks of multiplication, geometry, and fractions.

Life Skills
Students love learning about health and safety, doing arts and crafts, studying character traits, meeting community helpers, learning about the world God has created, and developing motor skills and social skills. Your home and car will be filled with the happy voice of your child enthusiastically reciting many poems, songs, and Bible verses learned at school.

Children turning four by January 1 are eligible for K4; children turning five by January 1 are eligible for K5.

Set your child up for success. Today.

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