Our caring administrative team is committed to helping every child succeed.

Mr. Birx
Joshua Birx, Ed.S.


Mrs. McLaughlin
Mrs. Travis McLaughlin

Kindergarten Director

Mrs. Bryant
Mrs. Kimberly Bryant

Assistant Kindergarten Director

Mrs. Park
Mrs. Brooke Park

Principal Gr. 1

Miss Greening
Miss Brooke Greening

Principal Gr. 2–3

Miss Dabbelt
Miss Kimberly Dabbelt

Principal Gr. 4–6

Mrs. Lefevers
Mrs. Sarah Lefevers

Dean K4–Gr. 6

Mrs. Burns
Miss Lynlee Burns

Principal Gr. 7–8

Mr. Bucy
Mr. Ryan Bucy

Principal Gr. 9–12

Mrs. Fouts
Mrs. Renée Fouts

Dean Gr. 7–12

Mr. Roberts
Mr. Brennan Roberts

Assistant Dean Gr. 7–12

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