Lunch Menu

Grades 1–12

PCA Food Service looks forward to an exciting new year to provide nutritionally balanced meals at an affordable cost (please see handbook). Our dining department works hard to serve healthy meals by offering various baked items and steamed or fresh vegetables. Each day choices of 4 entrées, 2 starches, and 2 vegetables are available. Students may also choose either fresh fruit or the dessert of the day along with bread and salad. Beverage choices are 2% milk, fat-free chocolate milk, bottled water, or 100% fruit juice. Please be watchful for any updates or changes. We encourage parents to help their child in determining the choices they make. You will find that you can purchase a nutritious hot lunch for about the same cost as a lunch from home.

Students in grades 5–12 have the opportunity to purchase additional 55¢ snack items at the register. They may also purchase chips or fresh fruit as an individual purchase for 55¢ or an additional drink for 50¢.

Please help us by instructing your children regarding the following guidelines prior to the opening of school to ensure that they are eating a nutritious lunch.

  1. Take only items that you will eat.
  2. Follow posted portion control signs.
  3. Take one item from each symbol category. These symbols are pictured on the serving lines.


Entrée Choice



We trust that the PCA lunch program will be a wonderful help to your family.


PCA Food Service looks forward to serving you by providing a nutritionally balanced meal at an affordable cost. Lunch will include an entrée, starch, vegetable, and dessert with 2% white milk Monday–Thursday and fat-free chocolate milk on Friday. The menu will be on a two-week rotation. Please watch the website for any special holiday meals or updates to the menu.

We trust that our lunch program will be a wonderful help to your family.

Printable Menus (showing two-week rotation)

A choice of juice, milk, or bottled water is available with every meal.
Items are subject to change based on availability.