Through a variety of clubs, public productions, and classroom activities, students can explore their interests and prepare for the future.

Speech & Drama

Beginning as early as kindergarten, students learn that creative and articulate self-expression leads to effective communication, both on an individual basis and in front of large audiences. All students are encouraged to develop confidence speaking in front of their peers in a classroom setting, while those who wish to further their skill in front of larger audiences are provided ample opportunity. Some students enjoy the comfort of a prepared public reading, while others thrive honing their acting skills as part of a skit or short play.

High school students can choose to take formal speech classes or simply join a speech club to explore their talents and sharpen their skills. Even without joining a class or club, students can choose to participate in a number of speaking or acting roles throughout the year in special performance programs. A highlight for many students is the Junior-Senior Banquet each spring, which features a student-led thematic program with a variety of creative skits and prepared speeches.


    Through clubs, students in grades 7–12 explore topics outside their scheduled class assignments, gain additional avenues for student leadership, and enjoy a fun social diversion during the school day.

    Students can choose from Chess, Debate, Young Patriotic Americans, Crafts and Cooking, and other options that pique their interest and teach new skills.

    Home Economics
    Pep Team
    Young Patriotic Americans
    Crafts & Cooking